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"I was really pleased for being her client . 
She is not only friendly and caring person, but also professional and smart.
She knows whether it's the time to push you or make you calm. I never felt like I am alone in this path, or never get disappointed. She was all the time around me, giving me positive energy and feedback and making me feel comfortable and relaxed."

Elaheh, Iran

"Lisa is a truly likeable and pleasantly empathetic counterpart in professional life. Together with the consistent professionalism | Your valid know-how | Reliable availability and constant prompt feedback creates a picture of a person | Professionals who are becoming rarer these days. Thanks Lisa. Merci!"

Hartmut, Germany

"I had the pleasure of being approached by Lisa for one of her  searches and I can tell that she is very professional and a talented asset. My  process was one of a kind, there were many stakeholders involved and she managed to pull it through without a problem. Our communication was fluent and we exchanged information on a daily basis keeping the confidence and professionalism on top of the situation. I truly recommend Lisa!"

Fernando, Argentina

Forst Horses we verify and test ride horses for you
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