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Lisa Viktoria Cowell CEO of Forst Horses

I was born in Austria, raised in Germany and I studied in the Netherlands.
I simply love to bring the right characters together.
After graduating in Equine, Leisure & Sports and international Sports & Tourism, my journey as coach, focusing on performance enhancement and sport psychology, took me to the USA. 
I've always been fascinated with matching hard skills & soft skills: While selling horses, who's character match the rider's personality or during eight years of working with clients in the corporate world, on topics around HR, sales & recruitment.
Responsible for all things Microsoft Cloud at an international recruitment firm, I had the opportunity to travel to the largest events in the industry all over the world.


Now, I'm bringing together the most of the valuable experiences, I was able to gain in many different industries.

 I have delivered projects & worked with internationally renowned companies in the business- & in the horse world. 

Equestrian References:  Reesink Horses, Equine Elite, Performance Sales International, La Haya Stables, Solomon Farm, Pavo, Rabobank, Rheinland Pfalz Saar International etc.

Lisa Viktoria Cowell at a Microsoft Business Fair


Location of Forst Horses and Berlin International Airport

The facility of Forst Horses was built 1900. Being located in the Eastern part of  Germany, one hour from Berlin, close to the Polish border, the original building is rich in charm and history.

Currently we're renovating and building a sales-horse-showroom with the goal to maximize comfort and welfare for our equine athletes.

We offer training and sales preparation of horses at one of our partner facilities on request. Horse box, paddock, rich pastures? All options are possible.

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