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South German Stallion Days 2016
Janaury 27-30, Munich DE


Don't miss this great annual event in Munich to see some of the best stallions! More info at



September, 2015 Dressage at Devon


I had a great time at Dressage at Devon 2015, meeting old and new friends and enjoying the great event atmosphere!

The KPPH Team took Saint Sandro and 9 of his offspring, Some highlights of the week:

  •  Saint Sandro - Reserve Champion GAIGS Breeders Championship Stallion for two years in a row, first in the Oldenburg NA class and second in the Half Arabian Class.

  • Saint Sandro's Caspian finished second of Open Yearling Colts

  • Saint Crescencia was fifth in the GAIGS Current Year Foal Championship

  • St Champana Amore finished fifth in the Current Year Fillies Class



September 6, 2015 Second Dressage Clinic at KPPH in Brandywine, MD


As the first clinic was such a success we are already planning our next clinic! Please RSVP, as spots will fill fast!


We are offering 10 Instruction - and Training Evaluation slots and I can also work with your horse under saddle during your session if desired.


Please contact me for more info!



August 2015 - RPSI Breeders Tour N/A


I felt very privileged to again travel with the RPSI team for a week to be part of their annual Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International Inspection tour in the Mid Atlantic Region!

Thanks to Ann & Otto for the support and friendship that started back in 2009 with my journey as  working student and evolved in to a year of working and Bachelor's Thesis at RPSI in Germany, Guest Judge at the NA Tours and being part of the RPSI marketing team!



August 2015 Training Snapshots


A little trainings update after 2 weeks working consitantly with licensed Oldenburg  stallion 'Saint Sandro'. He has been out of serious work for well over a year and for the short time we've made incredible progress- far from perfect but I think we're on the right track. Enjoy! 



August 28, 2015 International Ride & Dine at KPPH


Introducing our new "Drop-in" Dressage Lesson Series! Come, ride, socialize, and explore International cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Please feel free to share!


Please contact me for more info!



Impressions from the Dressage Clinic at KPPH - August 9, 2015 


A few impressions from the Dressage Clinic at Kings Passage Performance Horses. Our 10 spots were filled quickly and we had a full day with seriously talented horses & riders!  The main focus of the day was on developing young horses and  it was incredible to see both horses and riders taking it to the next level! Thanks everyone for coming- see you next time!



Summer/Fall 2015 - RPSI Annual North American Inspection Tour


The 2015 RPSI Inspection Tour begins July 21st and ends October 3rd. Host Site locations and Dates are available online.

April 2015 - Precious Cargo from Germany to the US


The horse celibrities participating in the World Cup in Las Vegas April 15-19 are not the only ones flying from Europe to the East Coast right now...


I'm looking forward to Sammy Bell Boa arriving in New York soon! 

Themed Mini - Clinics


Are you struggling with the same things every time you sit on your horse?  Are you ready for a lightbulb moment and want to make dressage more fun again?!



  • How to get my horse on the bit (and make it feel comfortable there)

  • Imagine sitting the trot could feel easy

  • What does 'riding my horse over the back' really mean

  • The ‘breathing’ connection with the horse’s mouth

  • Have a request? Let me know! :)


Get 2 or more of your friends/stall neighbours/horse buddies together, choose a topic and give me a call to schedule your customized training day!

January 2015 - Southern German Stallion Days



From January 29th - 31st the Southern German Stallion days are taking place in the Olympia Arena in Munich (GER). If you cannot make it this year, you can view the Keuring catalogue here and watch the entire event LIVE on clipmyhorse.TV

Sankt Georg Farm

Sankt Georg Farm

Vintage Valley Sporthorses

Vintage Valley Sporthorses

Hilltop Farm

Hilltop Farm

Wood's Lane Farm

Wood's Lane Farm

September 2014 - RPSI Breeder's Tour



A huge thank you to the studbook Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International for giving me the opportunity to participate in part of their annual Breeder's Tour!  As guest inspection judge I was able to visit several stops in the MD/VA/PA area and to see some really talented youngsters and stallions. Thank you!


For more info please visit

July 2014 - Thesis Defense


'Measuring Balance in the Equine Conformation- the key to estimating performance ability?'


I would like to share the presentation of my resarch project and final thesis with you.  I just graduated from a Dutch University, now holding my Bsc in Equine Leisure & Sports.


 I've always had great interest in determining sporting ability of future prospects and the importance of a functional conformation- so I took on the project to test a new method that might help to determine sporting ability already at an early age!


You can click on the presentation on the left or find it here.

Contact me if you want to know more :)




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